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Action Alert

Call Your Representative Today


The Ohio House of Representatives is wrapping up amendments to the state budget this week. Call your representative today at 1-800-282-0253 before 5 p.m. Leave a voice mail or share this message (or a more personalized version) with the aide who answers the phone:

"My name is Advocate , and I am a constituent who lives in your city. I am calling to ask you to ensure that Ohio's most vulnerable people receive adequate services in the state budget. Poverty rates are growing across the state, so we need more funding for safety-net programs. Also, cuts to the Local Government Fund mean that our fair share of state taxes won't come back to support local efforts to address the growing needs in our county. The budget, as introduced, simply doesn't fund health and human services at a level that will meet the soaring needs of children, families, people with disabilities, and seniors. Please ensure adequate support for these vital programs. You may contact me at if you have questions. Thank you for your time."

Call 1-800-282-0253 now and ask the switchboard operator to connect you to your state representative. If you don't know your representative's name, look it up here. (You will find a direct-dial number there for your legislator, which you will need to use if you call after business hours.)

Personalize and localize your message if possible by including an example of a program in your county. Feel free to add any additional concerns you have about funding for vulnerable Ohioans. After you make a call, can you let me know by sending a quick email to me so that we can track the number of calls made? Then forward this message to a friend so that we can demonstrate widespread support for health, human service, and early care & education programs.

Need more information before calling? Read our talking points and review expert testimony on the issues you care about most.

Today is the last day before the substitute bill is released in the House Finance Committee. If we are to have an impact before the bill is passed out of the House, we need to make our voices heard today. Thank you for making the call.

Scott Britton & Will Petrik
AOF Staff

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