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Good morning, Advocate,

On Wednesday, Will highlighted the fact that poverty in Ohio is growing. Yesterday, Scott pointed out the job loss, stagnating wages, and low-paying jobs resulting from the Great Recession. As a consequence, we have seen the needs of families grow.

According to our partners at the Center for Community Solutions, from December 2007 to September 2010:

These numbers represent new people and new families who have had to ask for public assistance since the Great Recession began. As demand grows for vital health and human services, we must not leave our most vulnerable neighbors behind.

Before the Senate Finance Committee on Wednesday, Advocates for Ohio's Future and our statewide partners emphasized just that message. Read our testimony and learn more from our broad-based coalition members of our specific budget concerns.

As you may know, additional revenue will likely be projected when the Office of Budget and Management (OBM) analyzes tax receipts. Some elected officials are talking about stashing this revenue in a “Rainy Day” fund, or even offering a tax cut, but we need your help to make sure that if additional revenues are found, they be invested to meet the growing demand for safety-net services.

Please call and tell your senator and Senate Finance Committee Chairman Chris Widener (614-466-3780):

The “Rainy Day” is now for our vulnerable neighbors in your city. Poverty is growing in Ohio. As a result, the demand for health, human service, and early care & education programs has also increased. If additional revenue is found, I urge you to prioritize investing it in vital health and human services. Invest additional money in services for people, not a “Rainy Day” fund or a tax cut.

Again, if you don’t know who your senator is or how to contact him or her, click on this link. You may search for your senator by name, district number or zip code on the bottom left corner of the Ohio Senate home page.

Prefer to send an email rather than call? Click here to email your senator and Senator Widener.

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As always, thank you for your time and your advocacy!

Gayle Channing Tenenbaum, Co-Chair