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Hi Advocate,

Now is the time to engage your Members of Congress on debt reduction. In addition to registering and joining a brief field update conference call this afternoon at 3:00 pm, we have another way for you to speak out and let a member of the Congressional Super Committee know how important it is to preserve safety-net programs.

Ohio Senator Rob Portman has been appointed to the Super Committee that will wield enormous influence on our nation's investment in health, human service, and early care & education programs that serve Ohioans in need. The Super Committee has less than 90 days to deliver at least $1.2 trillion in debt-reduction measures, so we need to act now to influence the dialogue.

Senator Portman is asking Ohioans, like you, to let him know on his website how you want to reduce the federal deficit.

Tell him you want a debt-reduction plan that protects children, families, seniors, and people with disabilities in need. Tell him to support fair, diverse, and stable revenues sufficient to fund these services and invest in Ohio’s -- and America's -- future, without shifting costs to the states.

Our friends at Policy Matters Ohio developed the following charts that show how heavily our state budget depends on federal funds for vital health and human services across multiple departments. (Open a larger version of this graphic here.)

If the Super Committee shifts costs to states, these already underfunded departments will likely face further cuts.

lf you visit the Senator's website or speak to other Members of Congress, be sure to use AOF's Talking Points for federal debt-reduction discussions.

If you're interested in AOF's field update conference call this afternoon from 3:00-3:30 pm, we will get a general update on things in DC around the deficit deal/super committee from the Coalition on Human Needs and find out more about the work they are doing at the federal level. We will also check in with supporters, like you, across Ohio who have been taking concrete actions to shape the debate and make a difference locally. Register here or just call-in at: (218) 895-4640 | Attendee PIN: 6243573. I encourage you to listen in and participate.

The Super Committee clock has started ticking, and the safety net programs we care about so deeply face one of their biggest threats in recent memory. Please act now.

Gayle Channing Tenenbaum