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Hi Advocate,

Will you help shape the story behind the Census numbers in Ohio?

Two days ago, the Census Bureau released the latest data on poverty, income, and health insurance in America. The data confirm that the Great Recession is not over for a record-breaking 46.2 million Americans. They tell a story of the continual erosion of the middle class. More than 1 of every 7 Ohioans lived in poverty in 2010, including 213,000 Ohioans who fell into poverty last year alone.

Luckily, human needs programs give vulnerable children, families, seniors, and people with disabilities a leg up when they fall on hard times. Unemployment insurance, which provides critical support to the jobless and stimulates economic activity, kept 3.2 million Americans out of poverty in 2010. An alternative poverty measure that tracks the impact of the Earned Income Tax Credit shows that the EITC kept 5.4 million people, including 3 million children, from slipping below the poverty line last year. Social Security kept more than 20 million people, including nearly 14 million seniors, out of poverty last year.

We need your help to shape the story about the numbers in Ohio. Will you write a Letter to the Editor of your local newspaper? Use our Letter to the Editor Package with Sample LTEs as a resource. When you get it published, please send me a copy!

If you want more information on the Census Bureau data, check out:

For more advocacy resources on the poverty data, visit the Coalition on Human Needs' resources page.

Stay tuned for fact sheets about the impact of federal programs on Ohio and the 20 most populous counties from Advocates for Ohio's Future and The Center for Community Solutions.

Will Petrik
Outreach Director