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Thursday is the last day to sign on to AOF's Statement of Principles for federal deficit reduction. The letter will be delivered to Senator Portman and the rest of Ohio's Congressional delegation this Friday. Will you include your organization's name among the more than 200 that have already joined us? Sign on today!

The good news is that members of the Super Committee, on which Senator Portman serves, are talking to each other. They are meeting. And they are working on a plan. If the Super Committee fails to come up with a deficit-reduction deal by Thanksgiving -- that Congress and the President can support -- the result will be automatic and devastating cuts to health and human service programs we all care about, sparing only Medicaid.

If you have specific cost-saving recommendations for the Super Committee, submit them directly to Senator Portman via his website. The Senator and his staff are looking for smart ways to realize savings in Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security, and discretionary programs. Advocates for Ohio's Future wants to make sure that any savings maintain quality, protect vulnerable populations, prevent shifting costs to the states, and avoid increasing poverty and income inequality.

Any suggestions should be shared by the end of this week -- or by next week at the latest. The committee is moving quickly to meet its deadline, so now is the time to be heard.

Will Petrik, Outreach Director