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Hi Advocate,

Advocates for Ohio’s Future delivered testimony yesterday on the Mid-Biennium Budget Review (House Bill 487). In a nutshell, we're hopeful that an improving economy will help rebuild Ohio’s infrastructure and support communities devastated by foreclosure and joblessness. However, we know many families and communities are still struggling, so we asked the Senate Finance Committee to consider a number of investments in health, human services, and early care & education to help all Ohioans participate in the economic recovery.

Now we need your help to elevate our message.

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Advocates for Ohio’s Future worked with our partners to develop the following investments and restorations. As the Senate makes decisions about additional funding, we need your help to ask them to:

1.    Restore $6.2 million in non-Medicaid funding for addiction treatment.
2.    Invest $4.5 million in the Ohio Food Purchase and Agricultural Clearance Programs.
3.    Restore $1.6 million for long term care services performed by the Area Agencies on Aging.
4.    Restore $7 million during SFY 2013 in Medicaid home and community based reimbursement rates for aide and nursing services.
5.    Invest $15 million of GRF in the Developmental Disabilities Home- and Community Based Services Waivers.
6.    Reinvest $25 million in work supports for low-income families.
7.    Reinstate $5 million in funding during SFY 13 for the "AdoptOhio Kids" program.
8.    Invest $10 million in Intermediate Care Facilities (ICF) for people with disabilities.

The bill is in the Senate Finance Committee this week and is expected to be voted out of committee by Tuesday, May 15th, so we need you to act now.

Send a message to your Senator and members of the Senate Finance Committee today.

You can also help by forwarding this opportunity to your local partners, colleagues, and advocates!

More Resources

  • Click here to read our testimony.
  • Click here to view a more comprehensive explanation of the 9 investments and restorations.

Thank you for using your voice.


Will Petrik, Outreach Director