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Hi Advocate,

Will you join our statewide day of action this Thursday, Feb 21 to make sure all of our State Representatives hear our support for extending health care to 275,000 Ohioans?

Last night in his State of Governor Kasich showed he cares about strengthening families and communities in Ohio. The Governor courageously proposed to extend health coverage to 275,000 while safeguarding Ohio taxpayers. However, if the Ohio House of Representatives voted on the budget today, we're concerned they would decide not to extend Medicaid.

Our goal is to show members of the Ohio House that there is broad public support to extend health coverage to 275,000 Ohioans in the state budget.

Our message is simple: “Please keep Medicaid Expansion in the budget. We can’t afford not to expand coverage.”

How to join our day of action:

  • Follow the instructions below to make 1 call and send 1 email to your state representative.
  • Share this action opportunity with your network using email, Twitter, or Facebook. Will you let me know if you spread the word to your network?

Thanks for sharing the plan with your community and joining us in advocating for healthy families and communities in Ohio. 

Will Petrik, State Director


Instructions for Call In Day

Step 1: Email your State Representative

  • Click here.
  • Fill out your zip code (and address if needed).
  • Edit / personalize the form email. It makes your message more effective.

Step 2: Call your State Representative

  • Use this link to find out your Representative's phone number - just fill in your zip code and address to get his / her number.
  • Call the number and use one of the following sample scripts:

One Sentence Message:
“Please keep Medicaid Expansion in the budget, we can’t afford not to expand coverage.”

Extended Message:
“I’m calling to urge Representative (insert Rep’s name) to keep Medicaid Expansion in the budget. If we choose not to extend Medicaid, Ohio taxpayers will pay an additional $404 million over the next two years, lose $2.4 billion($13 billion over seven years) of Ohioans’ federal tax dollars to support Ohio’s priorities, and put at risk local mental health and addiction services. We can’t afford not to extend Medicaid in the state budget.”

Step 3: Log Your Call

  • Click here to log your call so we can track how many calls House members received in support of the extending health coverage in Ohio.

Step 4: Spread the Word

  • Forward this message to a friend
  • Click on the Facebook and Twitter icons on the top of this page to share with your friends and followers