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Hi Advocate,

Will you take 5 minutes to send one email and make four calls to make sure the Ohio House keeps Medicaid expansion in the state budget (see the instructions below)?

Legislators will return to their districts tomorrow for a two week spring break. When lawmakers return to Columbus, the House Finance committee will vote the budget out of committee and decide whether or not to keep Medicaid expansion in the budget bill.

That means today and spring break are our last opportunities to make a difference.

You may have called your legislator before but the call you make right now means more than ever. Our representatives need to hear from constituents from all across Ohio that we support Medicaid expansion.

Please follow the instructions below to send one email and make four calls to make sure the Ohio House supports extending Medicaid to 275,000 Ohioans.

If you want to include a personal touch to your email and calls about how the Medicaid expansion will impact your county, the Health Policy Institute of Ohio released county level data last week. The brief provides projections of coverage and fiscal effects (if Ohio expands Medicaid) for all 88 counties in Ohio.

Instructions for the Day of Action

Step 1: Send one email to your State Representative

  • Click here.
  • Fill out your zip code (and address if needed).
  • Edit / personalize the form email. It makes your message more effective.

Step 2: Make 4 calls to Ohio House leaders

  • Call Chairwoman Anne Gonzales at (614) 466-4847
  • Call House Finance Chairman Ron Amstutz at (614) 466-1474
  • Call Ohio House Minority Leader Armond Budish at (614) 466-5441
  • Call Assistant Majority Whip Jim Buchy [pronounced bee-key] at (614) 466-6344
  • Use this sample script:

"I’m calling to ask Representative so and so to please keep an open mind about Medicaid expansion as he/she goes on break. Medicaid expansion strengthens Ohio’s economy and our communities. Please don’t let us miss out on this opportunity to make Ohio stronger."

Step 3: Log Your Calls

  • Click here to log your calls so we can track how many calls leaders received in support of the Medicaid Expansion.

Step 4: Spread the Word

  • Forward this message to a friend.
  • Copy and paste our sample Tweets and Facebook posts below to spread the word about the day of action with your friends:

Sample Tweets:
TODAY Day-of-Action to extend healthcare coverage to over 275,000 Ohioans.  It is quick and easy. Join here: http://ow.ly/jg6AJ
Want to make a difference TODAY by telling your State Rep you support #MedicaidExpansion for 275k Ohioans? Here’s how: http://ow.ly/jg6AJ

Sample Facebook post:
I just sent an email and made four calls to extend health coverage to over 275,000 Ohioans. Join the statewide day of action by sending an email and making 4 calls to Ohio House leaders. Follow the link below to act now. http://ow.ly/jg6AJ

Thanks for taking the time to take action. It will make a difference.

Will Petrik and Gail Clendenin