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Hi Advocate,

As the Ohio House debates whether or not to extend health coverage to 275,000 Ohioans in the state budget, we need you to step up your advocacy efforts now and in the critical upcoming weeks. To help you advocate more effectively, Advocates for Ohio's Future has developed new local resources to help you have conversations with your state lawmakers, the media, and other community leaders. Visit our web page to download your county fact sheet or any of the 88 county fact sheets.

Our fact sheets take a local look at the potential impact of extending health coverage in the 2014-15 state budget. They highlight how many uninsured adults are projected to gain health coverage by 2015 and the projected new managed care sales tax revenue in all 88 counties in Ohio.

We hope you will translate this new information into action. You can:

  • Share your county fact sheet with your state lawmakers. Use it to educate them about what a decision to extend health coverage would mean for people in your county and the other counties they represent.
  • Use the information to write a Letter to the Editor in your local newspaper or share the fact sheet with your local media contacts to share the story about the local impact of extending health coverage in Ohio. 
  • Share the fact sheets with your classroom, small business leaders, your faith community, and other community leaders to stress how important it is that we support extending health coverage in the state budget.

Visit our web page to download your county fact sheet or any of the 88 county fact sheets.

The data demonstrates that your county's economy is stronger when everyone can participate in the economy. Healthy children become productive citizens, healthy citizens build strong communities, and healthy workers strengthen Ohio’s economy. If Ohio extends health coverage in the state budget, your county will have a healthier and more competitive workforce and Ohio’s economy will be stronger.

Please use these fact sheets and translate them into action. Share this email with ten people in your county. Thanks!

Will Petrik and Gail Clendenin