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Strong Communities. Better Lives.

Dear Advocate,

Advocates for Ohio’s Future is working to promote budget and policy priorities that strengthen Ohio, and we need your help to ask state lawmakers to focus on strengthening families and communities in 2014. Will you add your organization's name to this letter?

We plan to send the letter to every member of the Ohio General Assembly at the end of March. Between now and then, we need your help to build support across Ohio. Our ultimate goal is to promote our values, our ideas for policy priorities, and ask lawmakers to focus on ways we can strengthen families and communities in Ohio in 2014.

We spell out our values in more detail below.

We value:
•    OHIO: Ohio should be a great place for all Ohioans to live and work. Ohio’s budget and public policy priorities can make Ohioans more competitive, create good jobs, increase opportunity for all Ohioans, and make Ohio’s economy stronger.
•    COMMUNITY. Healthy people build strong communities. Health, human services and early education benefit all Ohioans and are fundamental building blocks of healthy, thriving communities.
•    PEOPLE AND FAMILIES: When people have essential human resources—things like food, housing, healthcare, education, child care and transportation—all Ohioans can live better lives.
•    PARTICIPATION. Our members come from all walks of life across the state. Our diversity, our belief in democracy, and our efforts to find common ground make Advocates for Ohio’s Future strong, credible, and durable. We are open to working with all who share our values.

Do you share our values?

If so, you can show your support right now by signing your organization on to a letter to the Ohio General Assembly asking state lawmakers to support our values in 2014. Click the link to read the letter and take action now.

These values are fundamental to why we fight for strong families and communities in Ohio. Thank you for your support for Advocates for Ohio’s Future and for helping advance our shared values across Ohio.

Will Petrik & Gail Clendenin

Advocates for Ohio's Future