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Hello Advocate,

Now's the time to use your voice! Access to health care is making a big difference for thousands of Ohioans, and we need you to commit to submit a story to show state lawmakers why they need to continue Medicaid funding in the next state budget.

Submit A Story: Why People Need to Know

This year, the lives of over 340,000 Ohioans have been impacted by access to health care and all of Ohio needs to know! While we are thrilled that so many new families and communities across Ohio have health care coverage, the funding for Medicaid expires June 30, 2015.

As we gear up for budget negotiations, we need you to submit 1 health care story to have the greatest impact on lawmakers. Sharing your story or the story of someone your organization has impacted shows how access to health care benefits Ohioans. Like you, we asked Heather to tell her story and worked with her to create the following video story. We encourage you to watch her video before committing to submit a health care story, which we welcome in either written or video format.

Heather's Story

Living with a chronic illness and taking care of her daughter, Heather has faced many obstacles, but few as significant as losing her health insurance. The silver lining? After regaining her health insurance, Heather has worked to prevent others from facing the same hardships by registering over 1,000 Ohioans into Medicaid expansion as a Certified Application Counselor. Click the image below to watch Heather's story.

Your story matters: Will you commit to submitting 1 story by the end of November to OhioSPEAKS?

Please click here to commit to submit one health care story. Together, we can show how Medicaid is helping real individuals, families and communities in Ohio every day.


-Will Petrik & Gail Clendenin