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Hello Advocate,
We're supporting our partners in a behavioral health day of action, and we need you to contact your Senators. This Wednesday, May 20th is an important hearing in the Senate Medicaid Committee, and your voice counts!

The Governor has proposed a plan to improve access to behavioral health services, expand the types of services available, and create better integration of care. However, more is needed to successfully achieve this vision of expanded behavioral health services in Ohio. Click here to learn more. 

1. Take Action Today! 

Join us Wednesday May 20th, in contacting two Senators in support of an amendment that would provide longer timelines a few “guardrails” to assure accountability and reasonable implementation so services are not disrupted or lost completely.

What to say when you call or email:  

“Hello my name is ___________ from [your city/county], and I believe behavioral health services are important. I support the direction that the Kasich Administration wants to go with community behavioral health and integration of Medicaid services, but timelines and a few important guardrails or protections are needed.

I urge you to include additional language in the state budget that provides legislative oversight and accountability in accomplishing this work. Thank you.”

2. Log Your Call or Email

Click here to log your call or email so we can track how many calls/emails Representatives received supporting an amendment that provides guidelines for expanded behavioral health services in Ohio. Logging your call also helps us share your advocacy work with the media, lawmakers and other supporters.

Thank you for supporting behavioral health services today!

Gail Clendenin