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Hello Advocate,

Join Us in Supporting Children’s Safety

Help Advocates for Ohio’s Future send a strong message supporting children’s safety and lasting permanency today. We need you to call your state Senators Wednesday, May 27 and tell them that you support this vital funding increase.

1. Take Action Today! 

Join the movement to keep Ohio’s children safe by taking a few minutes to contact the following Senators:

If you have a few more minutes, help us reach two more key Senators, by also contacting:

What to say when you call or email:  

"Hello, my name is __________ from [your city / county] and I believe that children deserve safety and lasting permanency. Please invest in child protection services by increasing the State Child Protection Allocation by $20 million per year in the budget bill. I request that $8.8 million be allocated equally to all counties at $100,000 each and that the remaining $11.2 million be available through the State Child Protection Allocation formula for county Public Children Services Agencies to improve permanency outcomes for children, as a forever family is necessary for one’s success in adulthood.  

We must take care of all Ohioans across the age continuum from children to seniors. Please also consider an additional investment of $20 million in adult protection services as currently the Governor’s budget only provides $3.5 million for abused and neglected older adults. Thank you."

2. Log Your Call

Click here to log your call so we can track how many calls and emails Senators received in support of a funding increase for programs that help improve the safety of Ohio’s children. Logging your call also helps us share your advocacy work with the media, lawmakers and other supporters.

Why Your Action Today Matters

Our partner, the Public Children Services Association of Ohio, is requesting that the Senate add $20 million to the State Child Protection Allocation (GRF Line 523). This additional state funding would allow county child protection agencies to improve services to Ohio’s most precious resource – our children – by enhancing efforts to ensure safety and permanency.

We believe that children deserve to be safe and live in permanent, loving homes. A forever family – whether biological, kinship or adoptive – improves a child’s chances for success later in life. Did you know that Ohio’s child protection system has seen a 49% reduction in funding through the State Child Protection Allocation and the Tangible Personal Property Tax since 2009? This combined loss totals $53,583,386 in state funding.

Thanks for your work to keep Ohio’s children safe!

Gail Clendenin