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We're making progress! Will you make a call?

Dear Advocate,

Since we spread the word about HB 394 opposition to the bill is growing across the state! HB 394 goes farther than any other state to limit unemployment benefts to workers who lose a job through no fault of their own.

Help us turn up the volume by calling a couple more representatives on the House Insurance Committee that is considering HB 394. The new names and numbers are listed below.

Representatives to Call (if you haven't made a call yet)

  1. Barbara Sears (Bill Sponsor) - 614-466-1731
  2. Robert Hackett (Insurance Committee Chair) - 614-466-1470
NEW Committee Members to Call
  1. Anthony DeVitis - 614-466-1790
  2. Anne Gonzales - 614-466-4847
  3. Stephanie Kunze - 614-466-8012

What to Say

“My name is _________ and I am from ___[town/county]___. I am calling to let the representative know that they should NOT support HB 394. I think that the unemployment system should repaired, but not on the backs of Ohio’s workers.”

Log your Call

Click here to log your call so we can track how many calls legislators received urging them to drop this harmful bill.

The opposition to HB 394 is growing. Thanks for helping us fight for unemployment benefts that protect Ohio's workers and their families.